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The International Fox Tango Club brings to you for the first time ever a complete library of twenty years of Fox Tango and IRCI newsletters. The newsletters were compiled from letters, suggestions, modifications and experiences of the users of Yaesu equipment. The entire set of both libraries is now combined on to one CD ROM so you can have your own complete set of Newsletters. There were ten Fox-Tango Newsletters produced every year for 14 years. Thousands of Fox Tango members worldwide participated in collective discussions and problem solving efforts to improve their equipment and to further the state of the art of Yaesu amateur equipment starting with the world renowned Yaesu FT-101. No other series of radios went under the "microscope" as did the FT-101 with such scrutiny, and success. This collection of Fox-Tango Newsletters captures the history of the FT-101 from conception to the end of the series for all time. The Fox Tango club, through the 1970s, also covered many other Yaesu transceivers 1980s and 1990s. Including the FT-757Gx, up to the FT-1000D and just about every other product produced during that time. Now you can own the entire newsletter set, each and every issue depicts an evolution in amateur radio from 1972 up to 1992.

Yaesu / Fox Tango Library (1972-1985)
Fourteen full years of the newsletters published by the original Fox Tango Corporation, 1972 through 1985. An amazing resource for fans of the older Yaesu radios.
Complete library (all 14 years)


Yaesu / IRCI Newsletters (1986-1992)
Published by IRCI from 1986 through 1992.
Complete Library (all 7 years)


Newsletter CUMULATIVE INDEX 1976 through 1985

 (Including IRI index 1986 - 1992) To get the index click here.

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This was a club project put together by the members of Fox Tango International 2004 and all funds raised by this CD project will go directly into maintaining our Club Web site. We have NO paid officers or members of the club. Everything is done on a volunteer basis, so this may be one way for us to improve the club Web service and file storage capability making it into a more reliable service for you.

Again thank you to one and all that participated in this project.

M1KPW Kevin Whitmarsh United Kingdom

VK5ZRE Derek Evans Australia

KC9FOZ Tom Chapman, North Carolina USA

KK6PJ Arthur Kuhns, Paso Robles CA. USA

KF4NI Ruby Byrd, Lexington NC. USA

KB4MDZ Chuk Gleason, Cary NC USA

Carol L. Maher W4CLM
Steven Peterson KG6JEV
Fox Tango International Group Owners