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  A HUGE THANK YOU FROM DEVON IN ENGLAND! Hi Carol, I just wanted to thank you for your helpful e-mail the other day.  I have since checked it out with Dad's set and it seems it is the Mk. 1 version I need for the manual.  I don't know how to thank you enough for all your help.  I am afraid my knowledge of Amateur Radio is very very limited!  If it hadn't been for you we would probably have had to leave the FT101 in storage!!  Anyway, all the best to you from my father and myself.  Sue B.


Hello Carol, Just ordered some stuff of the website. My ham call is SM0MDG,  Thanks for a fun site and forums! 73 de Björn Mohr  Stockholm Sweden

An amazing job- congratulations, Carol! An invaluable resource.  Tony N7MET

From: Chip Margelli (Yaesu Amateur Division) c.margelli@vxstd
Carol, By the way, your radio graveyard is a great idea. We have no availability on many old parts for the FT-101-vintage rigs, so people need a "junk pile" resource more than ever. Good job! We'll QSP this to anyone who might be in need. . .73, Chip Margelli, K7JA Vertex Standard USA, Inc.  Radio Grave Yard Project Web Page

Carol-san, Arigatou gozaimasu, anatano nihongo mo jyouzu desu yo! I'm now living in Ireland so I think it's the reason why my english is kind of OK, but there's still a huge room for improvement..!! Thank you for letting me join the club. I found your website very informative. 73's, Toru / JI3LLL
PS. I'm really impressed by the Jan Joostein story - even few Japanese knows about it!

Casually I have visited these pages and it has been a marvelous thing return back of 40 years, when the radio was a marvelous thing and the big joy of a qso with a distant friend, filled you the heart and the mind for days. Thank you to whoever has written these site! 73Charlie - IK1GKH

  Hi Carol,  The FT-757GX display board turned up today & it works great. Thanks again for all your
help and providing such a great service for all us Yaesu freaks ;) Thanks again.73's Daniel VK2TRP

Carol let me take this time to tell you that I have and I do belong to several reflectors over the years.  This is the best run and most informative reflector I have seen.  Thank you.   KK6PJ Arthur Kuhns, California Army National Guard, Repairs and Utilities Supply Camp Robert, CA.  

Hi Carol, I have got to say that I love the Fox-Tango Yahoo Group and Website,
some of the reasons that I chose an 101 for my first HF rig. Don KD7DSZ

Hello Carol, I am so glad to see the Fox Tango site! I have been a Yaesu owner for a long time.   It is good to know you are trying to keep it going.  It is appreciated very much!  There is a lot of work in it and I am sure it will take off.  We need something like that.  I am very excited about it and I will pass the word.  Keep up the outstanding work, if there is anything I can do please let me know.  73 God Bless K3XI Tim White Post, VA. USA

Hi Carol, Have made a small donation  and a thank you to you for taking the project on, I am sure I speak for all on the list when I say your are an inspiration to us all !!.  Thanks Steve (G1BKB)

I would like to add some words of praise for the work you are doing with the Fox Tango Club.  73 Peres PY7CPC  Reclife Brazil

I have no needs or wants but like the idea of the grave yard.  It's important to have help like that in the group. Mike Macdonald WA2E

Many thanks to W4CLM, Carol Maher for an EXCELLENT job of resurrecting an FT-101 Case for me.  It is a wonderful service and I am making a suitable donation to the cause.  I suggest that you all consider giving unwanted boards, parts the grave Yard Project so that they can be passed along when others need them.  I have to say that Carol surprised me by not only sending the cadaver parts, but ALSO doing a fabulous job of repainting the parts I needed.  What a great idea, and a fantastic service.  If only other groups were as well supported and run as this Yaesu group is!!  Keep those Foxes Tangoing, guys!  73s -de AF4K, Brian the Fox Tango site....good job... Dale KT4LF

From:  Mrs. AE4FJ Cecile Archer,  Hi Carol,  Your web site is absolutely stunning. it's so professionally done and pleasant to read.  It is obvious that you put a whole lot of work into this project.  Also the idea of establishing a method for hams to benefit from each other's out of used equipment, without waiting for a hamfest is brilliant.  As the wife of a ham, I will sure appreciate that AE4FJ can share readily without having to always leave town for a hamfest.  Carol, thanks again for all the effort you've put into this.  It is a true reflection of your love of radio and your concern for your fellow hams. -- Mrs. AE4FJ

Joined Yaesu Users Group, Fox Tango International. Joined the group, What a wealth of information! I own an FR-101 FL-101 and pleased that someone has brought back the good ole days of the Yaesu Radios.  This group is a must for those who own, repair or want to restore the FT-101 series.  Jim K9KXQ

Hello Carol, First let me thank you for doing all the work you do on the fox tango group I think its great! I have noticed that you are a very good  technician.  Thanks   Dave N9WQ

Just in case you have not heard it enough: Thanks for putting together a very interesting news group!-- John Kiljan (N0BUP)

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