What is a mimeograph machine

What is a Mimeo machine ?

  A mimeograph machine is a mechanical duplicator that produces copies by pressing ink onto paper through openings cut in a stencil.  Mimeograph machines have been largely replaced by more sophisticated technology, but many are still being used. They are becoming obsolete, however, because they are no longer being made. Parts will eventually be unavailable
  A mimeograph machine works as follows:
  • Special mimeograph or duplicator ink is applied as appropriate to the particular machine.
  • Paper to be printed is placed in the paper tray.
  • A prepared stencil is wrapped tautly and smoothly around the cylinder and secured at one or both ends, depending on the machine.
  • As the cylinder is rotated, a pressure roller inside the machine presses paper against the cylinder.
  • The roller forces the ink through the openings that were cut in the stencil onto the paper.
  There are both electric and non-electric models of mimeograph machines.