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In a few weeks from now we will be celebrating a full year of doing the graveyard caretaker service on our end.  Boy it's been a challenge at times but I have managed to get out most of the parts request rather quickly, when we have them. Everyone has been just great to deal with and even though it's taken a lot of my time an effort in E-mails, packing, running to the post office. I know folks are happy when they get their needed parts. We don't always have everything requested, but we work hard trying to find parts rigs for your needs. 

Four years of service to the amateur community!
 In review: Looking back on the last year.  We started out the graveyard with the idea of using the HONOR system, sending out parts on demand with the hope of a donation in return. While the idea was sweet, it didn't always work out as planned at times with little or nothing coming back for the effort. So to make everyone a little more honorable we went to the method of asking for a reasonable donation up front PLUS POSTAGE for shipping.  I don't have any control over postal rates. I use all free packing material and I'm very experienced at packing large items.  As stated below, this is not a get rich scheme, if anything it's become a full time job in doing Amateur Radio Monkey business.  But hey don't get me wrong, I love it or I wouldn't be doing it.  It gives me a great deal of satisfaction to help anyone out when I can.  Pricing of parts: It boils down to  what you can afford and want to donate, but if we don't have donations, we don't have rigs to part out. So it's a vicious circle. . If your means are limited and you can't afford to pay for a part without effecting tonight's dinner, then it's a freebie, as long it doesn't become a regular occurrence.  Please keep in mind too, if you have ever been in need of a hard to find part that is no longer manufactured and we have it, please be generous!  The Radio Grave yard is here to help you! But it's NOT CHARITY either.  What you send in supports our buying a rig for the next person down the line while   also helping to support our on line club and this web site.
This graveyard project  is a down to earth project in an effort to return something back to the amateur community, with the hopes of keeping enough funds coming back into the grave yard to buy other rigs to dismantle then mail out more parts for the next guy or gal in line.  The graveyard works on  the FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE basis.  As far as asking me for a price on the parts? I get this question all the time.  I don't really have an answer for that question, but it would be nice to get fair market price for the parts.  After all we are talking about something that you just can't buy off the shelf any more, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this page, right?  With that having been said, we changed from the honor system to that of asking for your donations & postage up front before I mail out parts.  Are the parts for sale.... NO .... are they free?..... YES & NO........   I've resorted to  haggling via E-mail.  We are not a business, so there is no overhead, we are an online Amateur Radio Club!  When I'm in a good mood I still mail out parts without a donation up front to save making a second trip to the post office.

Lastly, I do need to ask for your patience up front, at times I may be slow to reply, tired, down with a cold or just trying to have a life like everyone else!

Thanks and please read on!

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What is the Fox Tango

 Radio Graveyard?

The Radio Graveyard is basically a RADIO SALVAGE YARD, very much like going to an auto salvage yard but it's for radios!  The radio grave yard project was started by Fox Tango International in an effort to provide its members with a means for finding parts for early Yaesu equipment where as many parts are no longer manufactured or no longer in new stock. As the years pass and your equipment gets older, Yaesu USA seems to have less and less parts for the older equipment. Here is the way it works:

DONATING A RIG: If Anyone has a junked FT-101, FT-101ZD, FT-757GX, FT-707, 901, 901DM, 301D, or just about any other Yaesu product for that matter that they would be willing to part with or sell cheaply to the group, we would like to have it.  I will store as many as I can get a hold of and use for the Radio Grave Yard for use by Fox Tango members.  Basic premises are that we can rob Peter and Pay Paul when the need arises for parts. If you have any junked Yaesu radios taking up space in your garage, please contact Fox Tango International at the link below if you would like to make a donation to the Radio Grave Yard Project.  Hereís your chance to give something back to Amateur Radio and the Amateur Radio community. Condition of parts: Anything you get from the radio graveyard is an AS IS SALE!  This gets me off the hook. But I do everything in my power to make sure you're getting known good parts, working circuit boards, transformers, displays etc... I try and test any and everything prior to sending out the parts.  As in the case of the FT-101 or example, I will test all the circuit boards in a test rig before sending those boards. If you're asking for boards, please be prepared to send back your old non working DUD boards assuming you have one. I might just possibly be able to repair it, or use the parts for repairing another similar board for someone else.
DONATING CASH: Please see Pay Pal button below.  We are not looking to get rich here. Anything is appreciated; all donations are logged in and can be seen at the FILES link in the Fox Tango International Yahoo Groups site. If donating from outside the USA and you use a Credit Card, please do so in US dollars so we can avoid the conversion rate fees from Pay Pal. Refunds on donations:  NO refund once transaction completed. I tried at first offering refunds for parts, but this didn't exactly work out too well. For example say you tell me I need board So & So to make my rig work. I send you the working board and it doesn't fix your rig.  Everything is done in good faith, but your rig is still inoperative because it's something else in the rig that's wrong and YOU GUESSED WRONG and still have a rig that down.  I'd almost rather work something with you as a LOANER board then have to make refunds, because it really doubles my work and I have to arrange shipping of the parts back and then we have to send back your cash that I already spent on the club some where else.  Everyone looses money on refunds and the only one who makes money is Pay Pal on transfer fees.  So to make this easy right up front, I've changed my policy on refunds. No refunds. But I'm a reasonable person too!  If your rig is still inoperative and you want to send the board back for something else, we will try and work something out! I don't want to leave anyone hanging with extra parts or boards they don't need.   I'm sure if you bought a used part from an auto salvage yard the seller would offer to exchange on the part if it didn't fit for example.   So every effort will be made to try and help you out! Everyone else must visit the complaint department.
L@@KING FOR PARTS: The basic premises are that the parts belong to the Fox Tango membership and no one else. At this time I have been entrusted with the distribution of parts as they come available. The parts are Some what free, for the asking, plus postage to the point of destination anywhere in the world.  However, as we all know in life, there is no free lunch. We are asking for DONATIONS  to the Radio Graveyard Project. Assuming you get something out of the Grave Yard, you in turn will want to donate back so that we can buy another rig and keep the project going and the supply of junk radios rejuvenated. On this Web Page you will find two Pay Pal buttons for this purpose. 

I hope this clarifies any questions you may have regarding the Fox Tango Radio Graveyard, itís purpose and goals.
If you are looking for a parts or have any further questions please feel free to contact Fox Tango International.

EMAIL to:Fox Tango International Radio Graveyard parts request  

Please do not ask for parts on the Yahoo forums.

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Thanking you in advance for your interest.
CL Maher W4CLM


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You can donate by credit card or any other Pay Pal payment method.  When using Pay Pal for a cash donation, please make sure your donation is in US dollars so we can avoid any currency conversion fees.  Fox Tango International  will not have access to any of your credit card or banking information.Please make a donation.  Just think about what  Fox Tango International is worth to you, all the valuable information you can get from our on line forum at Yahoo Groups and the value of the Radio Graveyard Project should you ever have need  for help.  The Radio Grave Yard is about giving something back to the amateur community.  The easiest way to donate is through Pay Pal, by clicking on the button below if you use a credit card.  You can also send a check to the contact address listed below.  If you should have any other questions regarding the Radio Graveyard Project, please feel free to write or Email : Fox Tango International




Disclaimer: As Fox Tango International is essentially a one man operation, should I become unable for reasons of health or similar factors become unable to continue the Radio Grave Yard Project, the club will cease operations.  Further, it is specifically agreed as a condition of membership that upon dissolution of the club and the Radio Grave Yard Project that its material and monetary assets, if any, will be donated to a worthy international charity such as UNESCO or the International Red Cross.  If you have any questions, please write. W4CLM Carol L. Maher


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