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The Dream Station if ever there was one!


As Expected Yaesu is No. 1


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2nd Generation of the FTdx9000

See The Powerful new Yaesu FT-2000 

introduced at the Dayton Hamvention 2006


As Seen at Dayton Hamvention 2006

Bob Heil  of Heil Sound


 Yaesu's  FTdx-9000D /FT-2000 senior engineer Ogi San



FTdx-900 Operators Manual

FTdx-9000 Computer Interface Manual

FTdx-9000D TFT manual

DMU-900 Operators Manual

FTdx-9000 Brochure Pdf version



FTdx-9000 Photos Outside:

From the FCC 2/24/05 OET Web Site

Photos Inside:

 From the FCC OET 2/24/05 Web site


Test Setup in accordance with ANSI C63.4-2003:

From the FCC OET 2/24/05 Web site


At test station Statements: Compliance matters

regarding FCC Rules 15.121(a) cellular blocked

From FCC OET 2/24/05



Ad in Japan CQ Ham Radio Magazine (April 17, 2005)

FTdx-9000D Screen

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FTdx-9000 Three Version Available!


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200 watts, large TFT, built-in memory board, main & sub receiver
VRF, full dual rx, internal power supply.

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FTDX9000 Contest:
200 watts, dual meters & LCD, VRF installed in main receiver, extra
key & headphone jacks, internal power supply.

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400 watts, dual analog meter sets, LCD display, memory card
installed, main and sub receiver VRF, full dual rx,
external power supply with twin speaker enclosure.

Yaesu FTDX9000 series continues in the proud tradition of the FT-
1000D. This awesome radio was clearly the star attraction at the
2004 Dayton Hamvention. Covering HF and 6 meters; this radio will be
available in a total of three configurations including a 200 and 400
watt versions. The 200 watt versions feature a built-in power
supply. There will be an external power supply on the 400 watt

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200W version: US$ 11,500
400W version: US$ 13,500


FTdx-9000 Product News

From Yaesu !


Ham Fair Tokyo Japan 8/21/04

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Yaesu News Release
Over four years in development, the FT DX 9000 is the ultimate
achievement in RF design in the Amateur Radio industry. Its
identical Dual Receivers feature unmatched real-world dynamic range,
selectable Roofing Filters, 32-bit IF DSP with Adjustable Filter
Response Contours, and four antenna ports. The FT DX 9000 is
available in 400-Watt or 200-Watt versions, and its leading-edge TFT
display gives you unprecedented information and access to dozens of
features and settings. And its Flash Memory and Keyboard Connector
ensure that your station will evolve as the FT DX 9000 does! It's
the FTDX9000.


Your elite-class transceiver isn't just about Dynamic Range,
although it should be without peer. It isn't just about transmitter
power, but you don't want to run short. It isn't just about filter
selection, operating flexibility, and emission purity, but why
settle for less than the very best? That's why we devoted the last
four years to the development of the FTDX9000. Its new technologies
let you make contacts when other radios can't. Its receiver
capability provides real-world signal-detection advantages over all
other designs, and its powerful transmitter breaks new ground with
up to 100 Watts of power output in Class A (FTDX9000 400-W version)!
Fifty years after SSB revolutionized the HF world, the YAESU
FTDX9000 breaks through technology barriers to provide a new
generation of communications capability that history will recognize
as a unique turning point in HF design. Be a part of the revolution!


Transmitter Highlights

400-Watt (External Power Supply)
200-Watt (Internal Power Supply) versions available.

Class-A operation at 100-Watts (400-W version), 75-Watts (200-W
version) output with Adjustable Bias Control

IF DSP Speech processing and Microphone Equalization
Low-Level Transverter Output Port.

Monitor for Voice, Data, and CW modes


Receiver Highlights

Selectable Roofing filters (15/6/3 kHz) for excellent performance.

Typical IP3 in excess of +40 dBm, and best close-in Dynamic Range on
the market.

32-Bit IF DSP with Adjustable Filter Response Contours, Variable
Bandwidth, Variable Passband Center, Noise Reduction, and IF Manual
NOTCH + AF Auto NOTCH Filters.

Dual Receive with Identical Receivers for Main and Sub.

IF Noise Blanker
Variable RF Filter on all bands
Adjustable Audio Limiter in addition to RF/IF AGC
Fast-acting Spectrum Display with Variable Frequency Range Feature

HF + 50 MHz Frequency Coverage.
Four TX/RX Antenna Jacks plus Two RX-Only Jacks.
Flash Memory Port.
PS/2 Keyboard Connector for Logging.
Data Port for Interconnection to your PC
"My Band" Quick Band Switching feature (eliminates unused bands)
Direct Frequency Entry and One-touch Band Change.
Huge Multi-Function TFT Display.
Analog Meters for Ultimate Precision in Measurements
Rotator Interface Jack for Direction Indication on TFT Display.
Direct Input/Output Sound Card Connections.

Specifications are subject to change.


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