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WARAC Mods by

Mario Chomicz (G8ODE) & Teruhiko Hayashi (JA2SVZ)

Removing the Yaesu WARC bands TX disabling modification on FT101 ZD MKII.

( N.B. The Yaesu Mod did not disable the RX for the WARC bands)

The Driver mod works by effectively adding extra capacitance from the lower bands across the coil, so that the WARC bands cannot tune to the required frequency, and no drive is therefore produced for the PA. This Mod removes the extra capacitance and the WARC bands can then tune correctly. There are no adjustments to make after the wiring change.

Takes about 15 minutes and you get three bands Going




A. Turn the FT101ZD over with the front panel towards you. The Driver section is on your Left hand-side half way up.

B. Remove the Driver section metal plate. Two of the lid securing screws will be hidden under some foam.

C. The S1E wafer is next to the PA section, which is at the Left hand side rear. The S1D wafer is in front of this one towards the front on the unit.

D. Identify the 3 BLUE wires and a GREY wire all joined together on a spare hole at the top of the S1E wafer. The Blue wires are connected to the S1D wafer.



  1. Cut all the wires off the communing point on switch wafer S1E, 3 blue & 1 Grey wire.
  2. Remove completely the grey wire to switch wafer S1D position 12 metre.( best done by using long nosed pliers and twisting it off )
  3. Remove completely blue wire off switch wafer S1D position 40 metre.
  4. Connect as a loop Blue wire on switch wafer S1D position 30 metre to switch wafer S1D position 20 metre.
  5. Connect as a loop Blue wire on switch wafer S1D position 17 metre to switch wafer S1D position 15 metre.
  6. End of modification.


Enabling WARC (30m, 17m and 12m)

Band Transmission (FT-101Z)

For 17m and 30m wires, keep this portion of wires long enough so that they can connect to their adjacent terminals.

Click for larger view.

1) 30m, 17m and 12m bands are disabled. 2) 17m and 12m bands are disabled. 3) After modification.

(S1D and S1E are located in the driver (12BY7A) plate compartment.)

Mario Chomicz (G8ODE) & Teruhiko Hayashi (JA2SVZ)


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