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Transceiver Identification What model ZD do I have?

The Yaesu serial number on the back of the set consists of a number, a letter and 6 numbers:

The first number is the year of production: 9=1979, 0=1980, 1=1981 a.s.o.

The letter is the production month: C=Jan D=Feb E=March and so on.

The next 2 numbers are the production run: from 01 (first series) to 24 and higher (last series)

The next 4 numbers are the serial numbers: from 0001 to 9999

Identification of the model is easy by the use of the production run:

FT-101Z/ZD MK1 early Production run: 01 – 07, all in 1979 160-10m, SSB/CW, WWV rx-only, AUX

FT-101Z/ZD MK1 Production run: 08 – 16 160-10m, SSB/CW/AM, WWV rx-only, aux Only Run 16 has the new type counter.

FT-101Z/ZD MK2 Production run: 17 – 23 160-10m + W.A.R.C. bands SSB/CW/AM


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Differences between the MK1/2/3

FT-101Z/ZD MK3 Production run: 24 – 30? up 160-10m + W.A.R.C.,

 SSB/CW/AM or FM The last series is also easily identified by the gray and silver knobs on front.



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