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Cooling Fan

Click for larger view.The optional cooling fan can easily be installed on the FT-101ZD.

If you use another fan than the original Yaesu fan, see to it that the voltage is 110 Volt ac.




DC-DC Converter

The DC-to-DC converter allows the mobile use of the FT-101ZD, on a 13.8 Vdc source. The unit is installed on the back of the transceiver and uses the internal transformer to obtain the proper voltages. The power connection is made by a special DC cord, delivered together with the DC-DC converter.

FV-101Z and DM external VFO

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The FV-101Z external VFO is a compact remote VFO for the FT-101ZD. The VFO has a analog frequency display. If you use it with a FT-101ZD, the frequency is displayed on the digital display from the FT-101ZD. The VFO has a precision tuning mechanism with a silky-smooth operation. Clarifier for transmit, receive or transceive frequency is included. The VFO shift range is +/- 8khz. Up to 6 crystal-controlled channels may be installed. The necessary crystals have to be in the 5 - 5.5 Mhz range.

The FV-101DM external VFO has twelve memories, up/down scanning, keyboard frequency entry and receiver offset tuning in 10hz steps. This provides smooth and precise tuning for SSB and CW. Either the keyboard, main tuning knob or up/down scanning buttons can be used for quick (QSY) changing of frequency to your preferred operation frequency. Up to four of you most used memory channels can be protected from overwriting, when you store frequencies. The two-loop PLL circuit is designed to produce a crisp, clean output signal for a spurious-free receiver and transmitter. This VFO can only be used with the FT-101ZD MK3, serial numbers above 240001

FL2100Z Linear Amplifier

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The FL-2100 is special designed for the FT-101ZD transceiver. It uses two rugged 572B/T160 transmitting triodes in a class AB2 grounded grid configuration. Power input is 1200 watts PEP on SSB and 1KW on CW, on all bands, including the W.A.R.C. bands 10, 18 and 24 Mhz. The linear has 2 fans for cooling the final tubes, and special protection circuits for the output tubes and the tank circuit. During standby is the antenna switched to the transceiver and the built-in SWR meter allows monitoring of the feed line during either amplifier or exciter-only operation. The heavy-duty power supply requires no warm-up time and has excellent regulation.

FT-101ZD & FT-901DM accessories

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Left to Right

The FT-101ZD can use accessories of the FT-901DM, but there are some restrictions at their use.

FV-901DM external VFO

This is a external VFO that provide a synthesized control system for your FT-101ZD. It has a 3-speed scanner, which will take you instantly everywhere in the band, and the auto-scan feature sweeps the band until it finds a signal. The synthesizer has a separate of 100 hz and is coupled to a 40-memory bank for storing the frequency. Fine tune is done with the TX/RX clarifier. Because there is no frequency display on the FV-901DM, use of this VFO in combination with the analog FT-101Z is not possible, as the operating frequency cannot determined.

FTV-901R transverter

The FTV-901R is a 3-band VHF/UHF transverter, all in one compact case. The basic FTV-901R comes equipped for 144 – 148 Mhz. 6 meter and 70 centimeter modules may be added. The satellite 1-3 bands provide operation on OSCAR modes A/B/J on full duplex, when a external receiver is used. Repeater split is provided on 6 and 2 meters.

YO-901 Monitor scope

The YO-901 Monitor scope (Multiscope) provides superb monitoring capability, with a instant interface to the FT-101ZD and can be used to monitor the output signal with trapezoidal and two-tone tests, general oscilloscope measurements are also possible. A panoramic adapter is a available option for a quick band activity examination. IF rx and tx monitoring is not possible with the FT-101ZD combination.

SP-901P speaker/hybrid phone patch

The SP-901P features a shaped-response loudspeaker and a hybrid phone patch, allowing efficient operation during patches. Styling and size match the FT-101ZD and FT-901DM series.  The SP-901 speaker was also available without the phone patch unit.

FC-901 Antenna coupler

The FC-901 antenna coupler presents a 50 ohm load to your FT-101ZD transceiver, all across the band. 3 coax-fed and one random-wire antenna may be accommodate (SWR) standing wave radio meter and power metering to allow for quick determination of proper matching conditions.

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