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Yaesu FT-101TT Prototype

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On September 21st 2004,  We received an overnight airmail letter from Japan. It was from the Yaesu Fukujima factory, courtesy of Mr. Sakono Hajigawa the Vice President of Yaesu. He wanted the Fox Tango club to see pictures of its never released FT-101TT prototype. It was designed in 1979 and scheduled to be released for sale by late 1980.  The final compartment contained four 6JS6A tubes and had a peak final input of 960 watts. Sadly, due to the transceiver's large size and weight, the project was cancelled in favor of the smaller FT-101ZD.  Now, nearly 35 years since production ended on the FT-101 series, the details are being released to the public.



 Fox Tango International proudly presents

The FT-101TT

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Yaesu FT-101TT Specifications


Amateur HF transceiver

Frequency range:

10-80 m
26.9-27.5 MHz and 10-10.5 MHz (WWV)



RF Power output:

SSB: 960 W (PEP input)
CW: 500 W (input)
AM: 200 W (input)


.25 uv



Image rejection:



13.8 VDC or mains

Current drain:

RX: 0.5 A
TX: Max 30 A


50-75 ohms, SO-239

Dimensions (W*H*D):

21.5*6*11.5 inches


60 Lbs


Release date late 1980


Dual VFO

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A Look Inside the FT-101TT Tank Circuit



This concept was obviously created prior to the days

of digital technology with the introduction of  A / B  VFO

capabilities found in modern transceivers. 

 Apparently this design was made back in the days when

 BIG was better !!

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