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Improved replacement for Yaesu FT-101 1st RF Amplifier

Improved replacement for Yaesu FT-301 Mixer Q103

Click for larger view.The 'FT FET' is an improved replacement for the Yaesu FT-101 first RF amplifier and the Yaesu FT-301 Mixer.  The MOSFET increases RX sensitivity.  Its inputs are diode protected and it has a very low noise characteristic.  Reports from Club members have been overwhelming enthusiastic.  Several Club members have reported that in the FT-101's with the 3SK39 (3SK40 in the newer models) as the first RF amplifier, the RX sensitivity at highest signal levels remains the same or may even be diminish by an S unit or two when compared to the improved replacement MOSFET.  Each rig is slightly different, but in all cases the MOSFET increases the linearity characteristic and brings up low level signals before inaudible.  Installation could not be easier and involves removing the 3SK39 / 3SK40 and inserting the 'FT FET' in the socket of PB-1181B, FT-101B/E/F models. ***

***In the earliest models of the FT-101 the 'FT FET' must be soldered in place using a small iron.

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