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Yaesu Accessories FT-101 Microphones

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YD-844 Dynamic Base Microphone

The YD-844 dynamic base station microphone is an optional accessory made by Yaesu, made of a heavy cast metal it uses a dynamic 50K ohm element for use with the FT-101 transceiver and Yaesu (FL-101 / FR-101) twins.  Available on the YD-844 are two push to talk buttons on the base station microphone, one button for momentary switching and the other is for key down hands free operation  with a locking feature so you do not have keep the push to talk keyed down manually during long transmissions.  Another nice feature of the YD-844 microphone is a keying switch under the microphone that will key the transmitter by lifting the microphone off the desk top.  Needless to say it was a cleverly added feature to the YD-844 microphone by our friends in Japan, however many operators do not like the button and defeat it.  The YD844 and the original black mobile hand held Yaesu microphone that come as standard equipment with the transceiver allow for VOX operation with the FT-101 without having to us the push to talk button on the microphone.  The voice coil in the microphone is connected directly to the transceivers modulation amplifier so that when the FT-101 or FL-101 is used in the VOX position the transmitter will key by voice operation.  Other keying features on the FT-101 allow for (MOX) manually operated keying from the transceiver and (PTT) push to talk for normal operation from the microphone key line.  Both the YD-844 desk top microphone and the mobile microphone was available from Yaesu in high and low impedances, using  a  shielded microphone cable terminating into a  4 pin microphone connector for use with the FT-101 or a 3 prong 1/4 inch stereo type jack for use with the FL-101 transmitter .

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FT-101 Standard 4 Pin Microphone Connection


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YD-844 Specifications:

Impedance: 500 Ohms at 1kHz, or 50k Ohms at 1kHz

Output: 50mV nominal

Frequency Response: 50Hz-10kHz nominal Uni-directional Dynamic Microphone

Size: 9" x 3" x 6"  Weight: 1-3/4 lbs

YC-601 & YC-601B Display

YC601 Display

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YC-601B Display

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