FP-12 Power supply

The FP-12 Power supply provides an output voltage of 13,8 VDC at 12 amperes,

designed for use with the FT-7B and CPU-2500R transceivers,

 and includes an 8 ohm speaker for base station listening.

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Seen here the Yaesu FP-12 Speaker Power Supply with the CPU-2500R 2m transceiver.

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FP-4 Power supply

The FP-4 power supply is designed to provide an output voltage of 13.8 VDC at 4 Amps

designed for base station operation of the FT-7, FT-227R, FT-817

or similar transceivers designed for DC operation.

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The FP-4 makes a good choice for the QRP operation.

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Both power supplies FP-12 and FP-4 use the same (TA7089M) voltage regulator IC which was used in some Yaesu FP- power supplies.  The regulator was available in an 8-pin radial lead package which is no longer available. So the TA7089P in a 14-pin DIP package must be used as a replacement. Yaesu use to sell a replacement TA7089P in a 14-pin DIP package for these power supplies (P/N D3000448) it was mounted on a small circuit board with wires attached, however even this item is also no longer available.  So when looking for the regulator I.C. you are  basically on your own finding one.

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If you have trouble printing or viewing the schematics

down load both FP-12 & FP-4 schematics in PDF here.



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