MARS mod of the FT-857

Thanks to Hanno Vogels DG8JZ for this modificaiton.

FT-857 (US version) Modification for TX: 1.8-56MHz, 137-164MHz, 420-470MHz

1. Remove the seven screws affixing the top panel of the transceiver, and gently lift it upward.

2. Carefully remove the small 2-pin speaker plug from the left rear corner of the transceiver interior then remove the top case and set it aside for the moment.

3. Locate the nine jumpers about 2" from the front edge of the main unit and about 3/4" from the left edge.

For 144/430MHz expansion only, remove the jumper at JP1002, leaving the other jumpers alone.

 For complete expansion per the above listing, place jumpers at JP1007/1008/1009, and remove the jumpers at

 JP1001/1002/1003/1004/1005 (leave the jumper at JP1006 in place).


4. Replace the top panel; don't forget to re-connect the speaker lead removed in step 2.

5. With the transceiver off, press and hold in the [F] and [V/M] keys; while holding them in, turn the radio on. Modification is

now complete.


Thanks to Roar Dehli for this picture.




Thanks to Hanno Vogels DG8JZ for this modification.


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