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Introducing the Yaesu FT-2000

2nd generation of the FTdx9000 series transceiver

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The radio... YAESU


Once in a life time will you have a chance to come across such excellence in engineering at your finger tips. The new powerful FT-2000 is the second generation in a line of transceiver as the direct descendent of the world renown FTdx-9000 series transceiver.  The new FT-2000 debuted at the Dayton Hamvention May 2006, with much enthusiasm and excitement at the Yaesu exhibit.  With an expected delivery late June or early July 2006, marketing is targeted at competition with other similar priced transceivers such as the IC-756 Pro-III category with pricing in the $3000 plus range.  Now if you're one of those amateur operators who was first licensed in 1956 saying to themselves "I never thought I'd see the day that the average price of a transceiver would be $3000 dollars" well your not alone.  However before you run and hide your head in the sand this transceiver is very much worthy of a closer look and your  consideration, especially if you are in the market for a new top of the line transceiver.  Not since the Yaesu FT-101 have I seen so much excitement for a transceiver, and if I may remind you the top of the line for 1982 was the Yaesu FT-One, it also sold for nearly $3000 U.S. dollars.  Considering the advancements in technology that this transceiver has to offer and inflation over the past twenty four years that makes the street value of the FT-2000 look like real bargain for the money.  Comparing weight and size of the FT-2000 with it's big brother the FTdx-9000 it is definitely smaller and much lighter in weight, but don't be fooled the FT-2000 has nothing but class written all over it.  And while many an ardent amateur and Yaesu fan waited for the launch of the FT-2000, I'm sure you will soon agree that it was worth the wait. Remember good things come to those who wait, we at Fox Tango International feel that Vertex Standard (Yaesu) has a real winner on it's hands with their new FT-2000 leading edge transceiver.  (W4CLM)

Loaded with leading-edge performance capabilities, the 2nd generation of the FTdx9000 series transceiver,  in the tradition of venerable FT-1000 series, it incorporates an amazing number of advanced features from the FT-9000 series. Covering 160 through 6 meters, this transceiver will be available in two configurations:
A 100 watt version with internal power supply.
A 200 watt version with external power supply.

The Powerful new FT-2000

(High-end HF, replacing MK-V/Field)

As Expected Yaesu is No. 1

The New Milestone in HF DX!


Introduced at the 2006 Dayton Hamvention

Top Photos of the New Yaesu High-End HF FT-2000

Left Photo: Bob Heil is already looking for ways to improve the audio.

Right Photo: Gordon West making his first evaluation of the FT-2000 Dayton Hamvention 2006

Front View    Rear View

 Marketing is targeted at the IC-756 Pro-III category users with pricing in the $3000 plus class.

Estimated delivery time late June or July 2006

FT-2000 HF/50 MHz transceiver will be available in a 200w Version with external power supply or 100w version with an internal power supply

Yaesu-Exclusive Three-Band Parametric Microphone Equalizer, with adjustable center frequency.


Up to Three Operation High u-Tuning High-Q preselectors modules for the low bands. (160, 80, 40, 30 / 20m)  Permeability of U-Tune circuit is adjusted via precision stepper motor that moves core stack through coil form via long life drive belt.  Manual override or automatic tuning of network allow precise adjustment according to our requirements.

Strong receiver design provide wide dynamic range and high IP3 with 1st IF roofing filters

View Band Scope, Audio Scope and Oscilloscope displays on external monitor (With Optional DMU-2000 data management unit)

  Graphical Display of IF Filer pass-band, for visual confirmation of interference-fighting adjustments you make.  Unique "Block Diagram" display layout provides for quick confirmation of function status, antenna selection, attenuators, IPO amplifier stages, AGC and more are displayed.

  Click thumbnail to enlarge.

Precision analog meters are included

Powerful 32-bit Floating Point DSP (TMS320C6713), adopted from the FTdx-9000.  Provides IF shift, Variable BW, Notch and pass-band contour tuning.

  Familiar IF WIDTH and SHIFT controls

Outstanding RF stage filtering VRF (Variable RF Filter) High-Q preselector stage with narrower bandwidth than main band pass filters. 31 combinations of L and C are select by high quality mechanical relays.  Large T-80 toroids or air-core inductors are employed to ensure high Q over 1.8 to 50 MHz operating range.

  The Front End. 69.45 MHz first IF includes 3 roofing filters: 15 KHz, 6 KHz, and 3 KHz, for superb close-in performance.  Roofing filters may be selected automatically or "On the fly."

Transmitter "Neat Stuff" +/_ 20 KHz "Quick Split" Feature.  IF speech Processor and IF Monitor.  CW Wave-shaping selections.

CW Message Keyer.  Visual and Audible CW Spot.  Dedicated Data Input jack for PSK31/RTTY.  Transverter Jack (10mW output).

Rear panel view with dual SO-239 HF Antenna inputs #1 & #2 also 50 MHz SO-239 connection. AC mains and 13.8VDC 22 amp DC power supply can be run either on mains or via an external DC supply.



To Learn more about this transceiver and The Radio FT-2000 you are cordially invited to join us

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