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Welcome, first of all let me say if you have dial up or a slow internet connection speed, you will need to be patient when down loading the service manual.  The entire maintenance manual is  here and presented to you as a member of Fox Tango International and no where else on the web.  The complete file is a 31.9 MB file.

UPDATED October 1st  2006. We now have a more reliable server to down load your files from. We had so many problems with files not downloading on QSL.net that the club decided to buy more reliable disk storage space for the larger files and put them on our primary server. We believe this will be a great improvement over the QSL.net server used in the past.  If this works out for you, please don't forget our little buttons at the bottom of the page!  Anything you contribute will help because server space for the club web site is expensive. Thanks!

In order to aid in faster down loading the manual is broken up into 9 files and one required file called "disk 1.exe" which is required to reassemble the 9 files back into one. So you have a total of ten files to down load.   I used a program called Gsplit to break the service maintenance manual into the 9 pieces and the "disk1.exe" utility will put Humpty Dumpty back together again.  The files are being stored on  the Fox Tango server and should download quickly.  My best advice to you're on dial up and you are having trouble, try, try again.  Each individual file is approximately  four mega bytes (4 MB) each.  So if for some reason you don't get the entire down load in one sitting, come back again when you have time and pick up a few more files.  Using high speed DSL connection, it took me almost 10 minutes to upload all 10 files.  All files have been scanned and are guaranteed to be virus free. All you need is some time and patience and you can down load the entire manual.  Once the manual is down loaded you will need to open it with ADOBE reader Version 6 or later.  If you don't have a copy of ADOBE reader, it can be obtained free at this link: Adobe Acrobat Reader

Once you have downloaded all the files. Open the disk1.exe utility, read the simple directions in the main window. Select a place to store your file and then push the UNITE button to combine all the files into one.  I'd suggest when down loading the files to make a new folder and store all nine files in the same folder when down loading.  Then use this folder to Unite all the files into one Adobe file.  I've tried it and it works great.

Note: If you have problems down loading the files.  Go get yourself a copy of (DAP7) Download Accelerator Plus. Version 7 is free and it works great,  with the program you can select the entire list at one time and walk away. When you come back your files will be downloaded into the program and saved.  You will still need to run the G-split utility first to put the files back together.   GET DAP7 it's FREE.



New: For those of you with DSL and fast downloading capability

 (Updated 10/1/06) This is a good PDF file! You should have no problems downloading this.

 You can down load the entire FT-101 service manual in one pop here. The file is a zipped up PDF file, so you will need Winzip in order to open this file. Only try this link if you have a very fast connection. Other wise use the smaller utility and files below.  With a fast DSL connection you should be able to pull in the manual anywhere from 2 to 10 minutes.  I recommend you Right click on this link and save it to one of your folders.   Click here for the full 33 MB Service Manual here 


Good luck and enjoy, the price is right so don't complain too much now!

Best 73s

Carol L. Maher W4CLM Administrator  http://www.foxtango.org

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If you are a happy member of Fox Tango Please consider making a small donation to your club.  Any amount will be most appreciated. Thank You !

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